We are aiming to help young entrepreneurial minded students to take their first steps in business. Our job is to make students from all degrees and specialties to recognize that all of you can to become an entrepreneur.

What's the program about?

The training program is short (2×3 days), but life-changing. Don’t expect long classroom lectures or comfortably sitting in the back row and snoozing. There will be no rows! We will have a flipped classroom. The spotlight is on you. You will be working hard and hands on with your team, brainstorming your product and business model, analyzing, making presentations, getting and giving feedback. We will give you a framework and tools to do that, but the rest is on you.

You’ll get access to 20+ mentors from Georgia as well as from Estonia. Our mentors will give you guidance when you need it the most. They will work together with you on your business and product strategy, understanding your customers and making presentations to the jury. Make great use of the wisdom and advice available to you!

You will be getting a lot of feedback to your business idea from the jury, the mentors and other teams. You will also learn to give feedback yourself.

Working with other people going through the same challenges makes a huge difference. All the teams, mentors, jury and organizers will form a community that inspires, encourages and supports you on the path of becoming an entrepreneur. You will get contacts and friendships for lifetime.

Although a lot of thinking and learning will be needed, experimenting and testing your product/service in the real world is also a huge part of the program. You will be getting out of the building to explore your customers and market opportunities. We expect you to make your first sales and earn your first money!

10 000 GEL
The best performing teams will be generously rewarded. We have raised a 10 000 GEL prize fund. No strings attached.

Study trip to Estonia
The best teams will fly with us to Estonia and meet tens of young entrepreneurs just like you, see what they are working on and what experience they have to share. We will visit all the major players of our startup ecosystem: incubators, accelerators, investors, co-working spaces etc. You will come back inspired and full of ideas.

Program Schedule

4th of December 2014
Kick-off event
22nd of December 2014
Application deadline
3-5th of February 2015
Evaluating teams and selecting participants (interviews with the jury). 20 teams will be selected to the program.
5th of February 2015
Mentor meet-up
9-11th of March
Training session (3 full days)
14th of April
Semifinals: 10 teams will continue the competition
15-17th of April
Training session (3 full days)
18th of May
Training for the Finals
19th of May
8-14th of June
Study trip to Estonia